1) Go to and you can change language to English

2) Click sign up (Top right) and enter username (Will give error if already taken), email, and pass (will give error if not above 8 characters) and last category is key. Also enter the code you received when purchasing the product.

3) Head to my applications by clicking your profile name

4) –°lick download on whichever product you purchased

5) You can tune the setting before launch the cheat on web

Video with the launch:

Join Phoenix Telegram Group: ( For Status Update and Announcement)

Tips to avoid ban:

  • Aimbot is always risky, use legit as possible or don’t use aimbot. Set FOV as very low as possible and don’t use RCS (recoil reduce)
  • Avoid getting reported, you can get manual ban.
  • Sometimes you have to play stupid.
  • You don’t have to top frag, you just need to win the game.
  • Don’t track people in walls and don’t prefire.
  • Use all the products at a USB drive as much as possible.

Apex Tune Setting If you don’t know how to tune setting or Xray/Aimbot not working, use below legit setting. Copy paste below identifier. Make sure the setting is select as “Main”


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Enjoy your game, we look forward to your next purchases and good reviews!

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