League of Legends – Script

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League of Legends: Script

  • Supported Window: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Evade, Prediction, OrbWalker, Drawing, Selector
  • Please check below full features list in Descriptions
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LOL Script – Full Features Lists

  • Evade – this function helps you to dodge the spells of opponents aimed at you.
  • Prediction – predicting the trajectory of movement of enemy characters, make it is easier to hit them with skills.
  • OrbWalker – helps with last hits and attack while moving. Act like a high-skill players without training! You can configure it.
  • Target Selector – The ability to configure in detail the priority of choosing targets, in which your attacks and skills will be directed.
  • DelaySetting – Fine-tuning the delays between cheat actions allows you to make your actions more natural.
  • Activator – Automatically performs certain actions for you. For example: puts wards, knocks down castes to enemies, uses some items.
  • Combo – cheat will use skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you. The program contains the logic of the game of all champions, so it is quite simple to set up.
  • Drawing – visual functions, drawing on the screen seen wards, cooldown of enemies, the radius of attack of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things.
  • AntiAFK – if you are distracted from the game, then you will not be kicked, because this function prevents this.
  • Tools – this tab contains additional settings for customization (selection of colors, transparency of menu items), language selection.
  • CFG System – allows you to save your settings in the config, so as not to worry about it every time. You can also share your cfg with other players, or use someone else’s.


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