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LC Apex Lite Cheat was made for users who just need that little push or who doesn’t need an aimbot. Lite is built to be much more secure and ultra-lightweight compared to LC Apex Pro. Clean UI, simple, no bans if playing legit correctly, got pred both with full split 1 season 9 and pred split 2 season 9 with lite and some 4K 20s on some characters.

Status: Online

Windows: All Window 10 & Windows 11, AMD/INTEL
ScreenMode: Fullscreen,Windowed,Borderless
Launcher: Origin/Steam
  • Triggerbot – Automatically shoots for you when crosshair is on the enemy with pin point accuracy.
  • Player Glow – Highlights enemy players by brightening them up.
  • Item Glow – Highlights items all around the map for you.
  • UAV Radar/ Global Map – UAV-Style Radar to help you give extra awareness around you.
  • Recoil Control System – Automatically control your recoil for you.
  • Auto loot – Automatically grabs attachments/ammo/healing kits for you.
  • Item Icon – Shows item icons around you similar to how you would ping an item client-sided.
  • Bunny Hop – Allows you to bunny hop with ease.
  • Warning System – Warns you with an text if someone is aiming at you.
  • Full features lists and Video showcase in below Description

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LC Lite Apex Legends
LC Apex Lite
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