CrookedArms – COD: COLD WAR Unlocker

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CrookedArms Unlocker for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. You can open any paid product in the game by running Unlocker! Opens everything that is available for purchase and not only:

Supported Launcher: For BattleNet Only!

Status: Working

  •     Weapon
  •     Blueprints
  •     Charms (Accessories)
  •     Stickers
  •     Business cards
  •     Emblems
  •     Watch
  •     Performers (appearance)
  •     Gestures (finishing blows)
  •     Transport (beeps, skins)

Access to all unlockable items is possible only after starting the Unlocker *
* if you want inventory items to be unlocked, you need to start the unlocker before starting the game
All installed items will be visible to all players

Declaimer: We are not developing this software and we are a premium reselling service. We at ezMod do not advise or condone in any way, shape, or form the usage of any software sell from our shop in online gaming.

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CrookedArms – COD: COLD WAR Unlocker
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