South RDR2 Launcher Download ( Download latest version update from Here )

  • 1.4 > fixed mission issue

πŸ”½Download Launcher–  Update 1.4 – 14/01/2022

πŸ”½ Download Script Hook and Files

πŸ“Ί Video Tutorial How to Setup (Auto Inject) :

πŸ“Ί ScriptHook Video Guide (Rampage, and other asi) :

πŸ“Ί Manual Inject Guide (Only if Auto Inject Fail) :

πŸ›’ Buy License Key at

Note: If your license key ( Day/Week Key) has expired go to Documents\South folder in your PC and edit auth.south file with Notepad. Replace old key with New Key and save it. Please check in Video guide if you are not sure about auth.south file location.

  • added infinite items
    added horse reviver, medicine and stimulant to recovery
    added statistic editor to recovery (KD)
    added quick tasks to player menu
    added permanent list
    added excludes for protected areas bypass
    added super run speed configuration
    added attachments to abusive
    fixed bird->human in air crash
    fixed takedown protection
    fixed steal ownership crash
    fixed treasure map scrolling bug
    fixed mr desktop crash protection
    fixed false clone notifies
    fixed attachment protection
    fine tuned request control protection
    fine tuned clear tasks protection
    fine tuned misalignment protection

Download-  Update 1.3 – 8/01/2022

  • fixed major crash bug caused by the last update

Download-  Update 1.1 – 27/12/2021

  • fixed crash false positives (if you get any contact me please)
  • fixed mission bugs
  • fixed cinematic bug
  • fixed leaving players not notifying

Download-  Update 1.0 – 27/12/2021

  • added gold to recovery menu
  • entity protections revamped
  • Mr. Desktop revamped (deadly)

Download-  Update 0.9 – 26/12/2021

  • added wardrobe
  • added save & load to wardrobe menu
  • added beacon to all players/esp menu
  • added custom input to model changer (raw hash or model name)
  • fixed super run ignore pull to ground if jumping

Download-  Update 0.8 – 21/12/2021