South RDR2 Launcher Download

Download Latest version update from here ( Save this page! )

How to Setup Guide

  1. Disable all sort of Antivirus and Window defender (important), Follow this Guide
  2. Download Cheat, Extract all files with winrar to same Folder
  3. Run the Launcher as Admin, Type ” 2 ” and Enter. Copy KEY and right click on black console to Paste
  4. After Download completed, Open RDR Game, wait until at Main Menu
  5. Press ENTER to Inject from Launcher. Wait until text loading stop at black console
  6. Go to online when it stop loading
  7. Press F4 Key to open menu
  8. 📺 Video Guide:

📚 Manual Inject Guide If still not working:

⬇️ Download Script Hook and Files ( Optional, only if you want to use Scripthook )

📺 ScriptHook Video Guide (Rampage, and other asi) :

🛒 Buy License Key at

Note: If your license key ( Day/Week Key) has expired use option “2” in Launcher and Enter the KEY again

  • If you have below Error in screenshot mean South is updated. Type option ” 3 ” to redownload update.
  • Manual Update: Download DLL file from and replace the file in Documents\South folder.
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Have issue with Key or Launcher?

Join ezMod Discord at and create ticket.