• Please follow the guide carefully and prepare everything necessary before start the software and activate the key. WE DO NOT change keys or refund!!


  • Supported processors: Intel, AMD
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, x64
  • Supported assemblies: 10586,14393,15063,16299,17134,17763,1903 (18362), 1909 (18363), 2004 (19041), 19042 (20H2), 19043 (21H1)
** How to find it ...
  Press the key combination Win + R, insert the WINVER command into the field, and press Ok.


  • VDS / VPS / VM servers are not supported
  • Our software is compatible with PS / XBOX consoles


  • There are no restrictions!


  • if you are using a spoofer disable it and restart your computer

when using a spoofer .. first log in to the launcher, and then start the spoofer (you need to reboot the pc before that), resetting the HWID is not available during the validity of the Unlocker license

  • make sure the game is downloaded and does not require an update !!


  1. After activation, all blueprints in the game will become available to you, select the desired blueprint through the kit editor (optionally hang tinsel in the form of camouflage, stickers and keychains) and save the weapon as your own blueprint
  2. All modules will also be available to you. Choose and customize the weapon you need – save the drawing. The blueprint you saved will be permanently registered in your inventory.
  3. After key expired and finished unlocking do not choose other operator again (Without software do not enter the tab Operator !!!) So that the operator will remain, if you switch to another operator without software, you cannot switch back.
  4. Weapons from the “Black Ops Cold War” series can be saved in the form of your blueprint.


  • 24 hours ( One Game Account)

The key activates a license that is valid for one PC and one game account.
After key activated, must start the software within 24 hours and Game for unlocking. Once software and game started, you must not exit the Game before finish unlocking and save. If you exit the game, the key will be expire and not able to unlock anymore.

  • Any time ( Two Game Account )

The key activates a license that is valid for one PC * and 2 game accounts
Allow you unlock two Game Account, run software two times with different account. You must not exit the software until finish unlocking for each account. You are only allow to run software two times. So you can’t quit the game until each account finish unlocking.

For the software to work correctly, you need to install and uninstall a number of programs

It is recommended to install


  • Remove FaceIt and Vanguard
FaceIt is a standalone anti-cheat for CS: GO games 
Vanguard is Valorant's anti-cheat game


  1. Close the Game and launcher before starting the cheat!

Start-up instructions :

  • Download CoD: MW Revenge tool (Unlocker). <– Click to Download
  • run  Revenge tool as administrator
  • enter the key (it is given to you upon purchase)
  • hit enter
  • information about the license will appear



  • Waiting for the game to start…
  • start the game (the cheat console will close itself)
  • When the game starts completely, the program will emit a beep ( wait for the beep )
  • Set yourself whatever you want, customize the weapon and save it as your own blueprint, etc.
  • Restart the game, everything that you unlocked will remain with you
  • Have a nice game

Is there a chance to get banned !!!

  1. The chance of a ban is reduced to zero, Excluding cases of your own stupidity and suspicious activity.
  2. You physically cannot have, for example, Damascus camouflage or blueprints of which are not yet in the game, business cards / emblems, on a low-level account, without any manipulation. Therefore, when you unlock any of the camouflages on a low-level account, this is suspicious activity. Also, you physically cannot have a game developer’s business card without being him, but you can unlock it at your own peril and risk.

Errors and their solutions

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