Errors fixes:

1. I’m getting ERR: 6 in loader, how to fix?
Delete Faceit, Vanguard, ESEA,
Turn off secure boot in BIOS,
Disable Anti Viruses and Windows defender.

2. I’m getting error in loader ” Please disable all anti viruses / anti cheats “
make sure all Anti viruses is turned off use defender control v1.6 or higher version,
Delete Vanguard, FaceIt, ESEA. (Check if real-time protection is disabled)

3. I have HWID Error in loader.
Incase you getting Hardware ID error in loader,
Contact the support via ticket in the Discord server to get Hardware ID reset.

4. ERR: 6 (0xC0000035)


control panel/ removing programs / removing Intel Network


5. ERR: 6 (0xC0000022)


Delete Faceit, ESEA
Disable secure boot in the BIOS,
Remove antivirus programs and disable Windows Defender.

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