This software uses the unique identifiers of your hardware

  • 1 account = 1 pc (Example: when you first start the program, your account is tied to the current PC, further use of the same account on another PC is not possible)
  • if you are using a spoofer disable it and restart your computer
  • if you still use a spoofer .. first log in to the launcher, and then start the spoofer (you need to reboot the pc before this)
  • error Reset HWID

We remind you that you must understand what you are doing when playing with the software !!!

You purchase software at your own risk.
The Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking (a ban is possible with any cheat in any game).
If the update is in the game, wait for the software update.
By purchasing this software, you agree to the rule that upon detection or complete closure of the project, you will not receive a refund!


Supported processors: Intel, AMD Supported OS: Windows 10-11 x64 Supported builds: 1903 (18362), 1909 (18363), 2004 (19041), 20H2 (19042), 21H1 (19043), 21H2 (19044), 21H2 build 22000 , 22494

** How to find it ...
  Press the key combination Win + R, insert the WINVER command into the field, and press Ok.

Additional information: Project type:External Cheat not visible on videos, screenshots or screencasts


IMPORTANT Neglect of these actions will result in a ban !!!

  1. Close the Game and launcher before starting the cheat!


Read the instructions carefully !!

   Where to download Launcher

Screenshot 20-02-2021 195711.jpg
  • unpack the contents into a separate folder, rename the folder ( exclude the combination of the words Crooked Arm’s from the path )
  • Launch Launcher
  • Activate key 
  • After activating the key, RESTART Launcher !!
  • Launch the cheat (launch instructions below)

Running COD: Vanguard

1. Run Launcher with administrator rights;
2. Select software 
COD: Vanguard and press RUN ;
3. If successful, the 
console will close * , and will display a message with “OK ” “and you can start the game!

* If something goes wrong, you will receive an error and the cheat will not be loaded into the system!

* If your console displays the message Successed 0, this error means that not all the requirements of the instructions are met and you cannot start the game !!

* If your console does not close, then restart your PC or launcher and run the software again !

4. Click ” OK 
5. Start the game;
6. The cheat menu is opened with the “HOME” key;
10. Enjoy your game.


If you have numbers in the upper left corner, then the injection is successful

-if you have successfully injected the cheat and there are numbers in the upper left corner, but the HOME key does not open the menu **
** try to launch the on-screen keyboard (it means you have a different keyboard shortcut)

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